Dear Sal, 

Thank you for your gift of $500.00 to The Bridge Academy's Build The Bridge capital campaign. 

Thanks to your generosity, we are on our way to making our dream of a larger school a reality. We have purchased the property adjacent to our current location. Your donation will begin our fundraising for Phase II - to renovate the existing building on the property for students' services and bring all our administrative offices under one roof, as well as prepare the site improvements necessary for Phase Ill. 

Not only does your gift allows us to continue to fulfill the promise of transforming students from those who have known only frustration and failure into those who are confident and primed for success; but it also qualifies for our challenge grant helping The Bridge Academy earn an additional $25,000 toward the project. 

As one of our students said, "The Bridge Academy showed me hope when I had none. They gave me a shot at life to become something better than I could have imagined." 

We are excited as we begin this important step for The Bridge Academy. Your investment supports the kind of education Bridge Academy students can't get anywhere else and enables them to bridge the gap between potential and performance. Thank you again for your generosity and for your belief in the mission of The Bridge Academy. 

Kim Bruno 
Development Director